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It's Time to Visit Bellevue House

Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada

Class Nickname Toros
Teacher name: Josee King
School Name St. Luke School
City North Bay

Name of class: Grade 8 Toros
Name of school: St. Luke School
City/Province of school: North Bay, Ontario
Please describe the natural or historical significance of this place to Canadians in 250 words or less: Bellevue House is located in Kingston, Ontario and was the home of Canada’s first Prime Minister; Sir John A. Macdonald from 1848 to 1849. Bellevue House offers a wealth of information about the accomplishments of Canada’s first Prime Minister. The visitor centre teaches about his early days as a politician, and then celebrates his monumental accomplishments, such as Confederation, the expansion of Canada, the building of the transcontinental railway, the creation of the Northwest Mounted Police and then the National Policy. A visit to Bellevue House would re-engage the young and old with their Canadian identity giving them a better appreciation of John A.’s undertaking of creating the Dominion of Canada. When visiting Bellevue House, visitors will have an opportunity to try period costumes and handle authentic work tools of that era. They can watch a “Hidden from View” production which offers a glimpse into John A. Macdonald’s life while living at Bellevue House. Everyone can enjoy guided tours which showcase this magnificent 7-level Italian-designed home. Even the very young can learn about Canada’s history in an engaging manner by participating in the Xplorers Program. With regards to natural significance, the gardens and orchard still produce a variety of heritage fruit and vegetables that are cultivated using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. Hundreds of pounds of vegetables from the Bellevue Gardens are distributed to help provide fresh produce to local families in need. A visit to Bellevue House for any Canadian is a must!

A Grade 8 Class Trip to Bellevue House National Historic Site in Kingston, Ontario.
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